Embellish face and eyes with amazing glowing and sparkling effects. Make any makeup look, from Nude to Glam, more luminous and radiating a new powerful energy.
The idea of makeup has changed overtime giving more freedom and space to creativity and embracing individuality and uniqueness. The Evagarden “Natural Light” collection with its versatile and skincare-like benefits products, aim to enrich and emphasize any makeup look allowing you to fully express yourself.
With the “Eternal Glow” and “Touch of Light” highlighters it has never been easier to achieve a fresh and healthy skin with an incredible natural luminous finish. The two shades of the fluid “Eternal Glow” highlighters have been formulated with hydrating active ingredients and an extremely lightweight texture. They can be mixed with foundation to achieve an “all over glow” finish or to highlight some specific areas on the face before or after applying foundation. The ”natural light” effect is enhanced by the new “Touch of Light” which can be placed on some strategic features. This formula perfectly melts into the skin reducing imperfections and awakening the look.
Let the eyes shine with an intense and diffuse luminosity thanks to the “Glitter Show Eyeshadow” and get the lash look of your dreams with the new “Magnificent Mascara” that lengthens and volumizes with a mesmerizing effect. Your eye makeup takes center stage and it won’t go unnoticed.
Lips are still in and major thanks to the new “Sugar Lip Scrub” which will gently exfoliate and hydrate your lips. Its soft and delicate formula will help you to start your makeup routine and effectively prep the lips with a simple and pleasant gesture. Now it is time to have fun with glossy texture and strong bright or dark shades of red which will instantly transform your makeup with a trendy touch.
Just experiment, enjoy and embellish any makeup look with the Evagarden “Natural Light” Collection.