We gotta take the lips back!

LIP CARE Collection wants to be the manifesto, a hymn to the lips for too long now mortified, tormented and mistreated by masks. Dry, dehydrated, malnourished… That’s ENOUGH… We gotta take the lips back!
ACTIVEGOLD Intensive Serum Lip Contour from the first application, moisturizes and minimizes the visibility of wrinkles and micro-wrinkles, over time firms and tones the lip contour, counteracting the so-called “Barcode”. A highly concentrated active ingredient extract, unique in the world.
EVAGARDEN Natural Care Lip Oil protects, softens and revitalizes the lips. Proposed in 3 fashion colors with a nude effect, it is a real beauty treatment, infused with Raspberry Seed Oil with 94% of ingredients of natural origin.
The look is completed by two new colors of Luxury Blush and 3 best-selling colors of All in one eyeshadows, for easy but effective looks.