Choosing the perfect makeup for a special evening it’s not an easy job. You want to feel attractive and at the same time essential. If you could be yourself or beyond yourself, what would you choose? You can be both with Evagarden. We believe each woman is unique like the most precious stone: the DIAMOND.

This is the inspiration for the new Evagarden collection “Diamond”: beyond beauty. A new touch of light to enhance your beauty. Lips are the main focus for this collection. Lips which are not only sensual but they can have a different mood based on different moments of the day. This is how the Gloss Diamond is born. One product that can be applied in many different ways. Used on it’s own helps to create luminosity and volume. Used as a top coat could give a “plump effect”.

From the lips to the eyes: with our eyes we seduce, we capture other people’s attention. It’s magnetism, isn’t it? The new Evagarden “Wonder Long Mascara” is magnetic, intense and vibrating. We think of a dynamic woman who thinks #beyondbeauty like we do. So we have payed attention to the face, by adding the Superpearly Illuminant moon Highlighter, for an amazing lunar strobing effect. Diamond is a revolutionary collection with a clear message: it’s time to shine and be yourself at the same time.