Regenerating, nourishing, making the skin more elastic and youthful, preventing imperfections and reducing existing
ones are the benefits of the products created with EVAGARDEN ACTIVEGOLD COMPLEX, an elixir born from the fusion
of 4 precious elements: Colloidal Gold – Collagen Peptide – Elastin Peptide – Hemp Oil.
To counteract the damage caused by the sun, EVAGARDEN has created 4 cutting-edge products: anti-aging sun
treatments for the body, face and scalp with innovative formulas that integrate, together with EVAGARDEN ACTIVEGOLD
COMPLEX, actives and unique latest generation sunscreens, not harmful to the skin, the sea and coral reefs.
Unprecedented protection against sunlight, free radicals and cell damage. All enclosed in a packaging technology (Bag
On Valve) with unique benefits: continuous spray without the use of propellants, fast 360° application, hermetically
sealed product never in contact with air and bacteria or other gases, the quantity of product indicated on the labels it is
exactly that contained unlike traditional sprays where 60% of the content you pay for is propellant gas. Precious
ingredients and advanced research for an EXCELLENT SKINCARE EXPERIENCE.